Cooling - Heating

Working with the largest manufacturers of air conditioning systems, we cover 3 main sectors, those of domestic, medium professional and central air conditioning, providing at the same time a 5-year warranty on heat pumps and a 10-year warranty on our air conditioners.

With the inverter technology, energy savings of up to 30%, constant temperature and minimal noise levels are achieved.

Especially popular due to their affordable price electric devices that can be used either as main or as supplementary heating.

The continued increase in the price of fuel combined with the low cost of acquiring pumps make them the most advantageous option for heating buildings.

Ecological fuel, cheaper than oil and more practical due to new types of devices (wall-mounted boilers) that is also used for domestic use. It concerns heating, hot water for use, cooking and air conditioning.

High levels of humidity burden our health because germs develop, responsible for the appearance of respiratory infections and allergies. Dehumidifiers are the most reliable solution against household humidity.